These are the main interventions most of the NEW Net members are working on.


Safer Party Labels in Europe

Party+ is the European network for safer party labels. A safer party label is developped to reward a club complying with official standards of quality related to health and to indicate to consumers the quality of the services provided.


Connecting Peers

PINS project creates a peer community in order to exchange and share information, knowledge and experience for peer workers and youth work trainers working in nightlife settings. 

T.E.D.I Project

EU Drug Database

The Trans-European Drug Information project (TEDI) is a network of European fieldwork drug checking services that share their expertise and data within a European monitoring and information system. 


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Global Drug Survey

GDS is an independent research company based in London. We produce reports for global media, public health and corporate organisations. GDS use its data and expertise to create digital health applications delivering screening and brief interventions for drugs and alcohol.

Club Commission

We offer qualified expert advice, individual consult and information for clubs and organizers in Berlin.

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