Nights 2014

November 2014, 27/28

Paris, November 27-28: NEW Net members and friends will meet to share innovative practices and discuss on the future...

Party +

Safer Party Labels in Europe

Party+ is the European network for Safer party labels. Click on the map to discover national project(s), clubs and events taking care of you

T.E.D.I Project

Trans European Drug Information

T.E.D.I is a European database system that collects, monitors and analyses the evolution of the various European drug scenes and reports on them on a regular basis.


Nightlife Empowerment & Well-being Implementation Project

Carried out between 2011 and 2013 by the community-based NGOs along with other institution, the NEWIP Project proposed specific responses to the new challenges in the fields of harm reduction and health promotion, using recreational settings as initial outreach locations.

Nights 2013

International conference aimed at improving quality of nightlife

Its purpose is to support the well being of the people inhabiting this scene. The event addresses nightlife stakeholders such as health professionals, volunteers, club/party organizers, public body representatives, scientists, scholars and partygoers by offering them multiple gathering modalities that fit different topics and kinds of expertise, including workshops, talks, showcases, multimedia presentation and round tables.


European scientists to assess risks of new stimulant drug 4,4′-DMAR.

NewNet & Party+

Presentation in Amsterdam

NEW Net and Party+ will make a presentation on integrated and local safer nightlife policies at the Law Enforcement and Public Health conference, October 8th, Amsterdam.

Night 2014 Paris

[27/28 Nov]

Members and candidates of the NewNet Network are gathering in Paris in order to discuss further organisation of our actions.

Club Health 2015

Lisbon [17-19 june 2015]

Club Health 2015, the 9th international conference on nightlife substance use and health related issues, Lisbon, 17-19 June 2015.